Thursday, 21 July 2011

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream icing :)

The capiton underneath the heading says 'This is our classic cupcake, it takes a lead role in our kichens...' for a clssic cupcake it is VERRY nice I love it... A LOT! Then it goes on to say '...with its huge versality as it can be dressed in a veriety of icings...' that of course is if you can ice which  because evidenly I certainly can not do. Then its says something about decorations being able to take it from one occasion to another. The recipie book says it will make 12 medium cupcakes, I don't know if it was the way I didn't follow the recipie book or if its because of the cases for the cupcakes, there was a LOT leftover from 12 so my AMAZING grandmother (who also saved my cupcakes) put them in a baking tray.
Apart from the fact we didn't have some slightly inportant ingredients which slowed our cooking down I had LOADS of fun! I currently hate my grandmothers oven as it made me almost burn my cakes! Luckily we figured out what was happening (i.e the back cakes were cooking quicker then the front cakes) just in time before they (dun dum dun) BURNT!!!
Although even if I do say so my self they tasted good :). The vanilla taste not overpowering but the taste was still noticeable enough. I enjoyed icing the cupcakes and baking them and of course eating them.
ICEING by helper chef
It said in the book to ice it in a certen way so it looked swirly but the iceing was to wet to stay in place so we ended up just smuthrring it on and we had LOADS left so we put it on extra EXTRA extra thick but we STILL had LOADS left!
Any ideas on what to do with spare iceing welcome!

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